Dress World Ltd.

The Company
Name of the Company Dress World Ltd.
Address Vorari, Rajfulbaria, Tetuljhora, Savar, Dhaka.
Phone No. + 88 02 58158399
Fax No + 88 02 58142824
Website www.vertexgroup.com.bd
Email info@vertexgroup.com.bd
Established 1998
Total No. of Employees 1,390 (Male - 40%, Female-60%)
Total Sewing Line 12 Lines
Production Process Sample, Cutting, Fusing, Sewing, Finishing, Packing.
Product Item Woven Tops (Men’s, Women, Kids)
Legal Status Private Limited Company
Total No of Exit 4 (Four)
Nearest Port Distance Airport 01 hour, Sea: 10 Hours.
License & Certificate Trade, Bond, IRC, ERC, EPB, Factory, Fire etc license and Certificates are; Boiler, BERC (Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission) for Generator, Group Insurance, BGMEA Membership etc.
Exporting Country EU, US, Canada
Production Capacity 3, 80,000 pcs per month.
Production Floor Area 230,000 sft. / 21,375.46 sqm.
Boiler 3 Boiler (Capacity 1670kg, 500 kg, 350 kg).
Generator 4 Generator (Capacity# 1030 KW+1030 KW+1000 KW+ 280 KW# 3340 KW or 3.34 MW).
Office Time 8:00am to 5:00pm (1 hour Lunch Break)[Saturday to Thursday]
Weekly Off day Friday

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